Welcome to dynam creativity programmes

Our workshops

Dynam creativity programmes introduces young minds to science in a fun and engaging way that will awaken their curiosity to learn more about various subjects. A Fun, fascinating and learning experience through workshops that will fullfil dreams, create memories and help them transition from one stage of their lives to another by being a part of it.

Welcome to dynam creativity programmes

Our Trainig Module

If the world has to rise from its status of being largely followers to that of leaders in Industry, Business and Education, it is imperative that we must focus on Creativity at all levels of management.

Training in this module aims to surface qualities inherent in every participant by a holistic approach using techniques that aim at a fusion of Left and Right Brain attributes. The importance of teamwork is stressed through emphasis on the fact that no two brains are the same. Trainees are exposed to simple creations of children to understand the process of creativity from the stage of observation, insight, preparation, incubation, illumination and verification to practical application and the approach aims at getting them to work closely with people at various levels in an organisation to provide the state of mind to put creativity to work at their jobs. The importance of adding, borrowing, combining and deleting various outputs from different people for arriving at a creative high is stressed.

The role of fantasy, day dreaming, intuition and the importance of cultivating hobbies whether music, dance, drama, art, sculpture, painting, poetry, or a sport is highlighted in this module, which is purposefully kept simple, easy-to-understand and hence practically applicable.

The module freely draws upon experiences from children who are not structured and have pristine minds that spontaneously provide creative solutions to difficult problems.


Day 1

What is Creativity?
How structure stifles Creativity
Case studies showing major breakthroughs with a departure from structure Uniqueness Vs Uniformity

Ages & Creativity

Pristine freshness & spontaneity of the child
Examples of Creative outputs from children
Understanding the Creative process
Can Creativity be nurtured?
Left & right handedness
Spatial ability and Creativity
Memory & Creativity
Serendipity & Creativity
How to surface latent Creativity

The Split Brain

The left brain and its functions
The right brain and its functions – Stimulating the right brain.
Getting the whole brain to work
Establishing left & right connections
Brainstorming and its importance
Creativity and Positive Attitude – Promoting the Holistic outlook


Hands on Exercises with Package 1 Facilitating the fine tuning and enrichment of various faculties of human endowment


The Science of Art

Hands on Exercises with package 2
Developing a keen sense of observation as a tool for Creativity
Reading & Creativity
Drawing & Creativity
Serendipity & Creativity
Humour & Creativity
Professional Uniqueness & Creativity
Spatial Ability & Creativity
Connectivity Exercises
Attention to Detail and awareness of the Whole
Left & Right Handedness
Case Studies of Creative Quantum Jumps


Package 2 – exercises
Individual Creativity with exercises
Team Creativity
Exercises to sustain the Creative edge beyond the workshop – New concentration tools

Study material for participants

a. Why Should we be Creative?
b. How to Increase our Creative ability?
c. Evaluating Creativity