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Dynam Creativity Programmes is a leading, multiple-patent designer of Educational Kits whose founder Hari Parameswaran is a world renowned speaker on the topics of Creativity & Science.

Mr. Hari Parameshwaran has kept his passion to spread the joy of experimental learning alive by taking Dynam Creativity programmes to over 5,000 children a week in South India. Through its instructor + simple science + skill kit model allows children to work in groups using a hands-on approach with kits while understanding supporting theories explained by instructors.
Over 250,000 children from elementary & middle school have benefited from this unique and well structured whole brain approach.

Dynam creativity programmes

“Leave no leaf unturned”

Hari Parameswaran is one of those mavericks, who immediately after graduating in engineering, decided to forge a career out of making teaching aids for schools. While making these aids, he got interested in creativity, particularly of the kind that involves using hands. Parameswaran has become wiser after three decades of teaching.

As part of his commitment to nurturing young minds and igniting their curiosity and creativity, Dynam (company headed by Hari) has a team of qualified and trained teachers who conduct creativity workshops for 25 schools in Bangalore, India, from the first to the tenth standards, one hour a week, handling 5000 children every week.

Hari has conducted Discovery Science Programmes in several schools as well as Teacher Training Programmes in Creativity. Hari designs and manufactures over a 100 types of Educational Kits from pre-primary level to collegiate levels – used widely in India and abroad. His kits are featured in American catalogues, Holds Patents, Designs and Copyrights for several educational kits.

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The legacy of Dynam continues...

Dynam, the brain child of Mr. Hari Parmeshwaran, was born to stoke this fire with the right tools designed for children to explore more and keep their curiosity alive. He says “It takes a trigger to kick start an idea in young minds. It is difficult to guess what kind of trigger will work for each child as each child is born unique.”






for best Teaching Aids, GOVERNMENT of INDIA

EXPORT AWARD of Educational Kits

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, Engineering Export Promotion Council


outstanding export performance.

Dynam, the Mind, Body and Soul of Kitwiz!!

This was a time when you used your mind, body and soul to grow up; the essence of the Head, Hand and Heart integration. A concept that drove Dynam to create learning aids that were made for nurturing not just the mind but all the senses that are important for the well-rounded development of a child. The passion to keep this concept alive can be seen in the materials, design and purpose of the kits.

Today Kitwiz is licensed to bring you these products that were given shape by Dynam’s commitment to bring quality learning aids to children. We are determined to keep the joy of interactive learning alive by bringing this experience to every child and parent. The simplicity of the materials and the experiments will take you back to a time that you thought was long lost. Take some time out of your busy schedule to spend quality time with your child and put your mind, body and soul into it with Kitwiz.

All Dynam kits inspire children to become creative


Activities that are learnt through fun are retained in the brain longer and we at Kitwiz - Dynam put this belief into our innovations.


The use of head, hand and heart in the process of learning, stimulates response in the brain and enhances absorption thus eliminating the need for memorizing or rote learning.


The world must move from Imitation to Creation to spark latent innovating ability in young minds and kindle their inventive ingenuity, curiosity and wonder. Wonder is fuel for creativity!


In order to learn concepts in Science, one has to experiment. What we have done is to put everything needed to facilitate this in simple to use kits, that are easily accessible. Adopt. Adapt. Innovate!

Curiousity is the wick in the candle of learning.
Stoke that flame into a wild fire